2013 Wedding Trends Spotlighted at Free Bridal Showcase in Metro Detroit Michigan

2013_bs_inviteEvery year brings new ideas and influences and it’s always interesting to find out where they come from.  With all the attention on “Downton Abbey” and the upcoming re-make of “The Great Gatsby” this Spring, focus on the 1920’s has jumped to the forefront as a major influence.

What will this year’s weddings look like?
So imagine colors like Champagne and complimentary colors like ivory and beiges and tawny and taupe. Jewelry like pearls and diamonds, headpieces that are bands or “caps” where the veil is very long and quite simple. Dress length is either just below the knee or just above the shoe. The veils are the train, not the dress.

The dress.
Now imagine that you have come from a clothing era where very little of the female physique is ever revealed. Women’s clothing is very structured, not revealing and definitely not flirty. So you see this significant change appearing due to or because of the lack of everyday necessities. Hair styles emphasize short and easily managed hair styles that take significantly less time to manage.

Clothing for woman becomes more practical as well- hemlines go up to mid calf and end just slightly below the knee. Structured clothing disappears as the female form can now be seen within the dropped waistlines, lighter weight fabrics that are being used and silhouettes that emphasize the female form.

Of course, every trend that we see doesn’t mean that it will suit each and every bride. Certainly willowy, tall and lithe bodies will probably rock this look. And for those of us that have hips and broad shoulders- like me- will not look so happy or comfortable.

Besides the Dress
Here’s the good news- the dress doesn’t have to define the entire look. The colors, the jewelry trends, the lace touches, beading, simple veils- any and all of it can still work. It is in how you put it together that makes it work.

Who can help?
Who can make your vision come to life? There is someone out there that will give you the confidence to make your vision come true. We’re out there; you just need to find that special person that can help you.

I’m ready if you are.

Come see Lisa and her designers for ideas at the free 2013 Bridal Showcase, Elegance Reinvisioned, Thursday, January 24 through Saturday, February 2 at Lisa’s Gift Wrappers, 22834 Woodward Avenue, Royal Oak.