Making the Baby Announcement

“First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby (or usually some child’s name we wished to torment) in a baby carriage.”

We used to sing this as little girls while pumping our legs to get our swings to go higher. Who knew what it meant, but it rhymed and seemed to hint at something in our futures.

But there is a truism to this little ditty. Babies do come along. And new families are created. Maybe not by the stork- but through many different ways; birth, adoption, or the blending of families.

And it’s the greatest news of joy to share.

These days that joy can be spread in ways both old and new. You read a posting on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube videos, Skype- or you’re lucky enough to  receive word  the “old fashioned” way with announcements, bridal shower invitations, baptisms, baby naming ceremonies and printed photos of the newest family additions. We love them all.

Is there a “right” way to tell the world (or at least your closest friends and family) what has happened in your lives? The excitement is there for all to enjoy. The tough decision is what will work best for you and your family.


The paper record of a birth is a nod to a time when etiquette called for it but also it served as a record of the birth. Anyone who has dabbled in genealogy knows how valuable these announcements are. They were printed but often it could be a hand written note sharing the exciting news. Imagine the excitement of getting a telegram with the fantastic news- a new technology for a different generation!

Since we specialize in printing we get to be part of the special announcements a family gets to make.  And we can “bring to life” your vision of how best to share the news. That could mean a design culled from a vintage postcard that served as a birth announcement, to one with a contemporary feel.

You can then carry the type face/ font as a unifying element for all your family news from a baby shower invitation to birth announcement to baptism- heck even the 1st birthday. Kind of a modern version of a family seal or crest- it’s your look. Your family’s way of sharing its own special news.

So as you spend time with your new little one- let us help you find a way of sharing the news in a way that conveys how special this occasion truly is. And you? You can take some time to rest up. You are going to need it.