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Making the Baby Announcement

Making the Baby Announcement

“First comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby (or usually some child’s name we wished to torment) in a baby carriage.” We used to sing this as little girls while pumping our legs to get our swings to go higher. Who knew what it meant, but it rhymed and seemed to hint at something … Continue reading

It’s Not Your Mother’s Baby Shower Any More

It’s Not Your Mother’s Baby Shower Any More

There was a time when most bridal showers and baby showers were held in someone’s home. They were small affairs- often your friends would bring over their extra card tables, which would comfortably seat 4 people. Off topic for one second please…What’s a card table? The card table is a folding table and chairs that … Continue reading

One Stop Shopping…We Wrap AND Ship!

Whoever invented this term had a great idea- how to get more things done in one stop than in having to make many stops. When I first started out, I had had some experience with packing items for shipping when I worked at Neiman Marcus during the day and ran my gift wrapping business at … Continue reading

Details, Details, Details

I was working on the sale floor the other day, when I noticed one of the clothing items, a customer had brought in for a special wrapping, had a tiny spot on it. Maybe it’s my obsessiveness about how something looks when it comes out of a box. When receiving a gift wrapped box, I … Continue reading

Gift Wrapping Has Gone High Tech

Yep, you heard it right here. Gift wrapping has a new high tech solution (and I don’t mean robots come to your house to wrap- yet.) Go to the Apple Store and find our iPhone/iTouch application called “WrapItApp”. With the touch of a finger, your device can measure and store the dimensions of the box … Continue reading

Doing Research on Special Containers

I have been doing many special projects this last month that have been keeping me busy. Most have included research for unusual container solutions- whether it’s a custom sized box or a shaped package. The fascinating process has allowed me to read fabulous books and trade publications that cover design trends from all over the … Continue reading