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One Stop Shopping…We Wrap AND Ship!

Whoever invented this term had a great idea- how to get more things done in one stop than in having to make many stops. When I first started out, I had had some experience with packing items for shipping when I worked at Neiman Marcus during the day and ran my gift wrapping business at … Continue reading

Details, Details, Details

I was working on the sale floor the other day, when I noticed one of the clothing items, a customer had brought in for a special wrapping, had a tiny spot on it. Maybe it’s my obsessiveness about how something looks when it comes out of a box. When receiving a gift wrapped box, I … Continue reading

Its beginning to look alot like…

Check out these pictures from the store. Yessirree…it is controlled chaos and we’re up to our eyeballs already. Our Wrap Artists have been working their fingers and creative brains since before Thanksgiving. There are some very organized people this year compared to last. Wahoo! But don’t worry, there is plenty for everyone and WE WILL BE … Continue reading